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General Terms and Conditions





Welcome to our website www.AppFurever.com and the “Furever” mobile app. Furever is a website/platform for posting ads, utilized by users under the terms specified below. Please familiarize yourself with these general terms and conditions, as accessing, viewing, and utilizing the services of Furever in any manner requires your consent that you are acquainted with, understand, and accept the General Terms and Conditions described in this document. These general terms and conditions apply upon the initial access to the website, platform, and services and have the binding and mandatory force of a contractual agreement, applicable to all contract parties.


Versions and devices from which the Platform's services are accessible.




1. Definitions

2. General provisions

3. User profile

4. Rules for posting ads

5. Free ads

6. Paid ads

7. Services for promoting ads / Promo services

8. Payments

9. Illegal and unacceptable actions by users according to the General Terms and Conditions

10. Ratings and reviews – beta version / Rating system

11. Complaint submission procedure

12. Complaints and Mediation

13. Competent Authority. Out-of-court Dispute Resolution.

14. Final Provisions



Appendix 1 - Services for Promoting Ads / Promo Services

Appendix 2 - Sample Declaration of Withdrawal from Service

Appendix 3 - Prohibited and Conditionally Permitted Items

Appendix 4 - Ad Packages

Appendix 5 - Price Lists


1. Definitions


1. Day - refers to 24 consecutive hours.

2. Furever (Administrator/Platform) - the commercial entity "Furever" Ltd., which administers and maintains the Platform, registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency, with UIC 203063285, headquartered and managed at: Plovdiv, Koprivkite St. № 2, 11th floor, apt. 50, or through other communication channels specified on the Platform.


3. Profile - a collection of data associated with a registered user on the Website, including the information provided by the user on the Platform. The rules applicable to the Profile are located in Section 3 of these Terms and Conditions.


4. Buyer - a user who concludes a contract with the seller using the platform.


5. Limit - the number of free ads set by Furever that a user can simultaneously post on the Platform.


6. Ad - an offer for sale or provision of an item made by a seller or an invitation for participation in the recruitment/hiring process made by an employer and published on the platform, whose offer or invitation meets the requirements specified in Section 4 of the Terms and Conditions.


7. Item - a good or service that is the subject of an ad; in the Work Category, the description and requirements for the position for which the employer has indicated they are recruiting in the ad are considered the item.


8. General Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) - these general terms and conditions and their appendices, defining the rules for using the platform. The current version of the General Terms and Conditions is available on the platform at any time, in a form allowing their downloading, storing, or printing.


9. Registration - the process of creating a profile by the user after providing the user's data, accepting the terms, and activating the profile on the website and/or mobile application of Furever Ltd.


10. Website/Platform - an online platform managed by Furever Ltd., accessible at the domain www.AppFurever.com and through the Furever mobile application, including sites hosted on the Furever domain.


11. Seller - A user who posts an ad on the Platform and enters into a contract with a buyer.


12. Contract/Transaction - any agreement made between users or between a user and a guest with the subject being an item.


13. Paid Services - paid services provided by Furever Ltd. to a user, purchasing ad packages or promotion/promo services.

14. Ad Promotion Services / Promo Services – paid services related to ads and specified in Appendix 2 “Ad Promotion Services / Promo Services”.


15. User (Platform user, not in the sense of the Consumer Protection Act) - a natural person, legal entity, or entity that the law equates to a legal subject, who uses the Platform after logging into their Profile.


16. Business user – A Platform user, who is a person, legal entity, or entity that the law equates to a legal subject, conducting commercial or professional activity in their name and using Furever's services through the website or mobile application in connection with their commercial or professional activity.



2. General Provisions


1. The conditions for using the Platform, including the rules for registration, posting ads, and purchasing paid services, as well as issues related to the payment process and filing complaints, are specified in these General Terms and Conditions. Anyone using the Platform must become familiar with the content of these terms.


2. Guests may use the platform with limited functionalities, provided that they comply with the rules specified in these General Terms and Conditions, follow the law, and adhere to principles of good faith.



 a. The content published on the platform, including ads in any form, such as text, graphic, and video materials, is protected by intellectual property rights, including copyright and intellectual property rights of Furever Ltd., users, or third parties. The use of this content in any way without the written consent of the rights holders is prohibited. Any collection and processing of data and other information available on the Platform for further sharing with third parties within other platforms and outside the internet is forbidden. Likewise, the use of the name of the platform and FUREVER, including their distinctive graphical elements, without the consent of Furever Ltd. is prohibited.

            b. The right to report potential infringement of this point on the rights of users or third parties belongs to:

      (1) The legitimate owner of rights over intellectual and/or industrial property whose rights are potentially infringed through ads or other user content on the platform; or

      (2) the intellectual property authorized representative or another person explicitly authorized by the legitimate owner.

c. Every report of infringement of intellectual or industrial property rights must include:

      - a power of attorney, if the person submitting the report is not the holder of the rights over the intellectual property object whose rights have been infringed;

      - evidence of the intellectual and/or industrial property rights over the reported object of infringement (for example, trademark registration certificate, design, patent, etc.);

      - a complete list of links to the reported ads.

d. Copyright holders present evidence of authorship and originality over their works whose rights have been infringed.


4. Given the intellectual property rights whose holder is Furever Ltd. according to Section 4, paragraph 3, no text in these General Terms and Conditions constitutes consent to use the rights of Furever Ltd. or those of third parties mentioned in Section 2, paragraph 3, nor should it be interpreted as a waiver of such rights.


5. Furever Ltd. is not a party to the transactions, has no control over any element of the transactions, and bears no responsibility towards any party in connection with the transactions conducted through the platform.


6. As part of the Platform's services, Users can:

   a. browse the content;

   b. use the profile and its related functionalities;

   c. post ads within the free limits specified in Appendix 3 "Limits";

   d. pay for posting ads when they have exceeded the limits;

   e. use paid services (including promotional services).


7. The services for browsing the content of the platform, creating and maintaining the profile, and posting ads within the free limits are provided free of charge. Other services are provided for a fee.


8. To fully use the services of the platform, users must have a device connected to the internet, including software for browsing the relevant internet page (browser) or a mobile application. Furever Ltd. will make every effort to ensure the continuous operation of the platform. To guarantee the high quality of services and the efficient functioning of the Service, Furever Ltd. reserves the right to make interruptions in the operation of the platform, which may include short technical breaks/maintenance of services, during which some functionalities of the platform and services provided by Furever Ltd. may be limited or inaccessible.


9. Users who communicate with other users through the chat functionality of the platform confirm that they are informed that these conversations are not private and that their content may be accessed and processed by Furever Ltd. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user confirms that Furever Ltd. has the right to access and analyze the content of conversations conducted through the chat functionality of the platform in order to enhance the safety of users, prevent abuse, and improve the platform's services. For more information about how and why Furever Ltd. accesses and analyzes the content of conversations conducted through the chat functionalities on the Platform, please see our Privacy Policy.


3. Profile


1. To access the full range of functionalities of the platform, a guest needs to create a profile and use the platform as a registered user. The profile allows the user to use, among other services, the following functionalities of the platform:

   a. publishing and managing published ads;

   b. monitoring ads from other users;

   c. sending and receiving messages to and from other users;

   d. applying for promotional services;


2. The user may only be a person with full legal capacity, a legal entity, or an entity that the law equates to a legal subject. In the case of legal entities and organizational units without legal personality but with recognized legal capacity by the law, only a person authorized to act on behalf of these entities can create a profile in their name and perform any activities on the platform on their behalf.


3. The user may have only one profile on the platform. The exception is only when:

             a) The user has a profile used for personal purposes and other related to their commercial/business activity;

 b) The user uses different profiles within their commercial activity, and servicing these profiles is necessary considering the different representations or branches of the company managed by the user, provided that there are no delays in payments for services provided by Furever Ltd. regarding any of the profiles, and the ads published in the profiles do not duplicate;

             c) There is a need to create another profile due to the inability to access the initially created profile (forgotten password);


All exceptions regarding the rule of using only one profile are thoroughly checked by Furever Ltd., which has the right to temporarily restrict the profile during the check or block the profile in the absence of confirmation of the circumstances justifying the application of any of the above exceptions. The above exceptions do not apply if they are used by the user solely to avoid paying for services provided by the platform.


4. Registering a profile requires:

   a. Filling out the form available on the platform and providing the necessary data, including your email address and a unique password or authentication through an external service provider such as Facebook or Apple;

   b. reading and accepting these Terms and Conditions and their Appendices.


5. Furever Ltd. processes personal data of users, individuals acting on behalf of users, and guests, in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy, which are published in a separate document on the website and mobile application of Furever Ltd.


6. After filling in the data necessary for registration, a confirmation for profile registration, a link or code for activating the profile, and a link to the ‘Help’ page where the current Terms and Conditions are published will be sent to the email address provided by the user. Registration is considered complete when the User activates their profile. At this moment, the agreement for servicing the profile is concluded. If the activation does not occur within 30 days of receiving the email confirming the profile registration, the link or code for activation expires, and the account is not activated. The user may re-register using the same email address only after contacting Furever Ltd.


7. The user confirms that the data provided during the registration process and while using the Platform are accurate, correctly entered, and current, and that they have the right to use this data. The user is obligated to update the data in case of changes. Furever Ltd. reserves the right to block a profile if the provided data does not meet the above requirements, in accordance with the procedure specified in Section 11 of the Terms and Conditions.


8. A person acting within the Platform on behalf of and for the account of a user, who is a legal entity or an entity that the law equates to a legal subject, guarantees that they are duly authorized to act and perform all activities on behalf of and for the account of that user within the platform.


9. The user is obliged to keep the access data to their profile confidential and to protect it from access by unauthorized third parties. The user must immediately inform Furever Ltd. if they become aware of any unauthorized third-party access to their profile and, if possible, change the profile password immediately.


10. The agreement for servicing the profile is concluded upon profile activation and is for an indefinite period. The agreement for servicing the profile may be terminated by the User in accordance with the following rules:

   a. The right to delete their profile does not affect the User's right to withdraw or terminate the agreement as provided by law and these Terms and Conditions;

   b. Deleting a profile is possible through one of the following options: (i) selecting the relevant option in the profile panel, (ii) sending a request for deletion to an email or a written request for termination to Furever Ltd;

   c. Upon deletion of the profile by the user, other agreements between Furever Ltd. and the User regarding services provided by the Platform are also terminated;

   d. The termination of the agreement for servicing the profile takes effect from the moment of its execution (and is with effect going forward), meaning that payments made by the User will not be refunded. FUREVER also has no obligation to reimburse the equivalent of unused amounts for paid services;

   e. After deleting the Profile or terminating the agreement for servicing the profile, the User loses access to the information provided or generated during the use of the Platform.


11. Furever Ltd. has the right to terminate the agreement with the User for servicing the Profile if the User:

   a. has not logged into their profile for more than 24 months. As a result, the User will not be able to use the deleted profile. Information about the termination of the agreement will be sent to the User 30 days in advance to the email address provided at the time of Registration. The User will be able to express their willingness to continue using the Profile by sending an email to the "Customer Service" department of Furever Ltd. The right of Furever Ltd. to terminate the agreement in accordance with this point does not limit the User's right to re-register on the Platform. However, Furever Ltd. does not guarantee that the existing username associated with the profile will be available for use during the new registration;


   b. despite being requested by Furever Ltd. to cease certain actions or inactions that violate the points of the Terms and Conditions or the provisions of applicable law, the User continues to perform the actions indicated in Furever Ltd.'s warning.


12. To ensure the proper functioning of the Platform, to protect and ensure the safety of those who use it, Furever Ltd. reserves the right to perform additional checks on the validity and authenticity of the data provided by the User and to request the User to confirm their identity, the information contained in the advertisement, or information related to a given transaction. This verification is carried out in a manner chosen by Furever Ltd. If the verification of the data or the identity of the user cannot be carried out, Furever Ltd. may limit or block the functioning of the profile according to the rules set out in Section 11 of the Terms and Conditions.


13. Right of withdrawal for the user. The user has the right, within 14 days from the conclusion of an agreement with Furever Ltd. for paid services, to withdraw from it without stating a reason, by submitting a completed declaration to this effect to an email address or in writing to the management address of Furever Ltd. Upon withdrawal from the service agreement, any pending contracts between Furever Ltd. and the User regarding the services provided by the Platform are also terminated. A sample form of the declaration of withdrawal, which can be used by the user, is included in Appendix 4 "Sample Declaration of Withdrawal from Service". This right cannot be exercised by the user if the services have already been provided to them (Art. 57, Para. 1, item 1 of the CPA) or if the services involve the provision of digital content not supplied on a tangible medium (Art. 57, Para. 1, item 13 of the CPA), and in these cases, the provision of services has begun with the user's consent. This right can only be exercised by consumers within the meaning of the CPA. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user acknowledges these exceptions to their right of withdrawal from the contract and agrees with the conditions of the respective services of the Administrator and accepts that they cannot exercise the right of withdrawal when the service has been performed or the performance has started before the receipt of withdrawal.


14. The service agreement for the profile may be terminated by a Business User in accordance with the rules set out in section 3.10 in the case of non-acceptance of changes to the Terms and Conditions, about which the User will be informed in accordance with Section 16.1b. In this case, to terminate the Service Agreement for the profile, the Business User immediately notifies Furever Ltd., no later than 15 days after the announcement of the changes. Termination by the User in the aforementioned manner of the Service Agreement for the profile takes effect 15 days after notifying the User of the changes in the Terms and Conditions unless the Business User withdraws their notification of termination or makes a corresponding statement in this regard or takes explicit action on the Platform, confirming the acceptance of these changes in the Terms and Conditions (e.g., posting a new ad).



4. Rules for Posting Ads


1. Furever Ltd. gives Users the opportunity to post ads on the Platform. Posting an ad on the Platform by the user is carried out after filling out the appropriate form.


2. An ad published by the User on the Platform is accessible to any person using the services of the Platform. Along with the ad, a contact form is available, which allows users to contact the User who published the ad and send them a message. Depending on the User's choice, their phone number in the ad may be accessible and visible to all, i.e., publicly accessible. The User undertakes not to publish ads with contact phone numbers with added value.


3. At the moment of publishing the ad, the User grants Furever Ltd. a non-exclusive, territorially unlimited, and free-of-charge permission to record, reproduce, and distribute the whole or part of the ad for the purpose of its display on the Platform, as well as to Furever Ltd.'s partners through which the distribution of the Platform is carried out, and also everywhere through the Internet, including search engines (such as Google), social networks (such as Facebook), granting the permission is necessary for the use of the full range of functionalities of the Platform. Furever Ltd., as the Administrator of the Platform, has the right to use the ads and content published by users on the Platform for the purposes of conducting marketing and/or advertising activities organized by Furever Ltd., as well as any other type of campaigns to present and popularize the activities of Furever Ltd. By publishing an ad, users agree that this ad and its content on the site may be used in whole or in part, independently or together with other ads, in marketing and/or advertising activities and campaigns to present and popularize the activities of Furever Ltd. Due to the specific nature of the Internet, Furever Ltd. does not have full control over the distribution of the requirements specified in section 11.1 of the Terms and Conditions, is true, unambiguous, and understandable, and meets the technical requirements specified by Furever Ltd. The User is free to determine the content of the advertisement, as long as it adheres to the law and the following requirements:

a. The advertisement must be written in Bulgarian and must not contain words that are considered vulgar or offensive. The advertisement can additionally be prepared in a foreign language.

b. The User must choose the most appropriate options and filters that most accurately describe the item.

c. The User must indicate the full price in Bulgarian levs (mentioning the VAT amount if applicable) and, where applicable, indicate that the price is negotiable, that the item is offered for free, or that the user offers an exchange of the item for other goods or services.

d. The User must indicate the condition of the item (e.g., healthy, in treatment, or such treatment has ended, etc.), where applicable and such a parameter is specified in the form for adding an advertisement.

e. The title of the advertisement cannot indicate contact information; such information should be provided in the designated fields of the form.

f. The subject of the advertisement can only be an item owned by the User and located within the territory of Bulgaria.

g. It must be specified whether the price in the Advertisement refers to a single Item or a set of Items. The same item can only be covered by one advertisement at any given time.

h. Users cannot publish duplicate advertisements, where "duplicate" refers to advertisements with identical or similar descriptions, titles, and photos. The same item can only be the subject of one Advertisement at a given time, including Ads withdrawn by the User within 30 days from the date of adding the Ad. If a duplicate ad is published, it may be removed by Furever Ltd.

i. The content of the advertisement cannot include advertisements, promotional and advertising content, website addresses, and other elements leading to services providing the same or similar services as Furever Ltd. (i.e., services related to publishing offers and ads by Internet users).


5. The item in the advertisement cannot represent:

a. a search for items.

b. an offer for meetings/dating or to have a matrimonial and/or sexual character;

c. prohibited goods listed in Appendix 5 "Prohibited items and conditionally permitted items" and any other goods, as far as their trade is excluded by applicable legislation; goods subject to crime or for which there is a judicial or administrative dispute, or goods subject to forced execution or an item that is part of property constituting insolvency estate.


6. Posting an ad on the Platform is performed by the user through:

a. clicking on the "Add Ad" icon or similar;

b. making a payment (applicable only for paid services).


7. The publication of the Ad on the Platform starts immediately after its addition. This publication period may be shorter in the event of one of the following circumstances:

a. The User has deleted the ad;

b. In case the Ad is held back due to the need for verification by the Administrator and there is a suspicion whether it meets the the rules of the current Terms and Conditions state that if Furever Ltd. becomes aware of circumstances mentioned in section 4.8.a) or 4.8.b), it has the right to remove the advertisement in accordance with the rules specified in section 11 of the Terms and Conditions.


8. During the period an ad is published on the Platform, the User has the right to modify the content of the ad and some of its parameters and to delete the ad. It's not allowed to replace the item specified in a published ad with a new one. Introducing a new item in violation of this condition will be considered a new ad. In such cases, the Administrator reserves the right to remove the ad.


9. The possibility to change the content of the ad does not apply to changes in the price or other parameters of the published ad aimed at avoiding the payment of fees due to Furever Ltd. for the services provided by the Platform or obtaining a refund of the funds due to the User in the cases provided in the Terms and Conditions.


10. FUREVER displays up to 25 pages or 1000 ads during a search and browsing in the desktop version of the Platform, with business profiles showing up to 25 pages or 1000 ads in the desktop version and up to 10 pages or 1000 ads in the mobile version.


11. The User is obliged not to use in the ad photos and images that contain visually intrusive and distinguishing elements and effects, including, but not limited to:

(i) promotional and/or advertising content, website addresses, and other elements leading Users to sites offering the same or similar services as Furever Ltd. (i.e., sites publishing offers or ads from internet users);

(ii) photos, inscriptions, and images containing elements and effects resembling the distinctive signs of Furever Ltd., indicating the use of a service for promoting an ad on the Platform;

(iii) photos, inscriptions, images, and statements that infringe the rights of users or are contrary to the requirements of competitive legislation.


5. Free Ads:

1. Posting an ad on the Platform made by the User is free.


2. Promotional Services for Ads / Promo Services:

1. To increase the attractiveness of an ad, the User may use paid promotional services in the form of refreshing the ad, SOS ad, and posting the Ad on the homepage of the Platform, described in detail in Appendix 2 "Promotional Services for Ads / Promo Services".

2. The User can use any of the Promo Services during the posting of the ad or during its broadcast.

3. The Promo Services and their packages apply to one ad, i.e., it is not possible to use one package of Promo Services for different ads.

4. Furever Ltd. is not responsible for the effectiveness of the paid Promo Services, understood as an actual increase in interest in the ad or the item in it.


8. Payments:

1. The User will be informed each time in a visible manner on the Platform about the current price of the selected paid Services. All prices listed on the Platform or in the price lists included in Appendix 7 "Price Lists" are gross prices (including Value Added Tax, i.e., VAT), stated in Bulgarian levs (BGN).

2. Payments made on the Platform are made in advance, i.e., the entire amount due for a given Paid Service must be paid before the provision of it begins according to the payment methods provided in FUREVER.

3. The provision of the Paid Service begins no earlier than the moment when the payment for that paid service is fully transferred to the account of Furever Ltd.

4. At their discretion, users can make payments using one of the available payment methods in accordance with the information provided during the service selection process.

5. Users may request a VAT-inclusive invoice for services received from Furever Ltd. in accordance with applicable legal provisions.

6. To receive a VAT invoice, users must provide their details.

7. Furever Ltd., according to the rules set out in these Terms and Conditions, provides users with VAT invoices in electronic form, ensuring the authenticity of origin, the integrity of the content, and the legibility of the invoices, particularly by saving them in .pdf file format and providing them to the user.

8. Advertisements that are illegal or violate the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, including those added to the wrong category, similar or duplicated, repeated multiple times (spam-like), considered offensive, containing pornographic or erotic content or content that could be interpreted as promoting sexual or erotic activities in exchange for payment, as well as those representing an attempt at fraud, violating copyright, will be removed by Furever Ltd.


9. User actions that do not comply with legal requirements or the Terms and Conditions for using the Platform


  1. Include not undertaking actions that could impede the proper functioning of the Platform, not engaging in illegal activities, including sending or posting content that violates the law, personal rights, contains or distributes child pornography, terrorist content, or content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others, and not conducting transactions (or taking other actions with a similar effect) on prohibited items listed in Appendix 5 "Prohibited and Conditionally Permitted Items," as well as not selling (or taking actions with a similar effect) conditionally permitted items without meeting the conditions required in accordance with Appendix 5 and other items, as long as their trade is impermissible according to applicable law, or items that have been stolen or are subject to pending legal or administrative proceedings.


2. Users are obliged to follow the rules outlined in section 11.1 of the Terms and Conditions at every moment of using the Platform and towards every offered functionality, especially when posting ads and sending messages to other Users.


3. The posting or transmission of content on the Platform is done automatically using the Platform's interface without the participation of Furever Ltd., and Furever Ltd. does not automatically check all the content transmitted through the Platform's functionalities.


4. In case of changes to the content of an ad made by the User after its posting on the Platform, Furever Ltd. has the right to edit content that does not comply with the Terms and Conditions or to remove the ad.


5. Every person using the Platform has the opportunity to report to Furever Ltd. any illegal or rule-violating content distributed through the Platform, using the available "Report an issue" feature. As far as possible, the reporting individual should provide data allowing Furever Ltd. to verify the abuse report, including the advertisement's identification number, explanation of the reasons they believe the content is illegal or violates the terms and conditions, and optionally, contact information.


6. In the event of receiving a justified message (based on an abuse report or otherwise) that the content sent or published through the Platform is illegal or violates the terms and conditions, Furever Ltd. can:

a. immediately block the content, including the advertisement and any associated promotional services. Upon blocking, the content will not be visible or accessible to individuals using the Platform;

b. undertake appropriate actions to investigate the case, acting proportionally and sensibly, including possibly contacting the individual who reported the issue; the individual who posted the content; the competent state authority, or an external consultant;

c. in case of content blocking, inform the individual whose content was reported, at the latest at the moment the blocking takes effect, in the form of an email, indicating the blocked content and the reasons for the blocking decision, specifying the basis for it according to the terms and conditions;

d. in the situations described in section 6.d), Furever Ltd. has the right to refuse to provide more detailed information to the user if notification from a competent state authority, mandatory legal provisions, or the necessity to ensure the safety of people or their health, as well as state security, requires an obligation not to disclose the information.


7. Business users have the opportunity to contest the decision to block the content submitted or published by them on the Platform by objecting to the provision of information about the content blocking by Furever Ltd. In these cases, the provisions regulating the complaint submission procedure are applied accordingly.


8. If the objection mentioned in section 11.7 is supported with the necessary evidence and there are undoubtedly no grounds to consider that there is illegality or non-compliance of the given content with the terms and conditions:

a. The blocked content remains accessible in the form of a working copy of the Advertisement and is available in the Profile, but not visible on the Platform. The user will be able to decide whether to publish the respective Advertisement themselves or send a message to the "Customer Service" department for activating the advertisement on the Platform.


9. If the objection mentioned in section 11.7 remains unsubstantiated by the business user, or the business user does not object within 7 days of receiving the information mentioned in section 11.6.c:

a. The blocked content is removed from the Platform;

b. If one of the Paid services was used for publishing the Advertisement, the amount already charged for publishing the advertisement and the related paid services is refunded.


10. Furever Ltd. has the right to remove an advertisement or block a Profile if there's a suspicion that the advertisement or Profile could perform actions endangering the safety of other Platform users, or if the advertisement negatively impacts Furever Ltd.'s reputation or otherwise damages Furever Ltd. Publishing content or links to websites competitive to the Platform is not allowed;


11. In the event of a serious violation of the law while using the Platform, as well as significant or repeated violation of the terms and conditions, especially in case of repeated attempts to publish or distribute illegal content by a given user or by different Users acting together and by agreement, including using different profiles, Furever Ltd. may, in accordance with the principle of proportionality and respect for the freedom of trade, temporarily or permanently restrict or block the use of Profile or Profiles, which will be equivalent to terminating the service agreement between the User and Furever Ltd.to temporarily suspend the provision of services to the User, taking into account the following rules:

a. Restricting the profile means stopping its functionality. The user whose profile has been restricted loses the ability to actively use the Platform, meaning they cannot send messages or post advertisements. However, they can still browse the Platform, message history, and post advertisements.

b. Blocking a profile means that the user loses the ability to log into their profile.


12. The business user will be informed in case of content blocking at the latest when the blocking takes effect, in the form of an email with information regarding the blocked content, the reasons for the blocking decision, and the basis from the terms and conditions from which it arises.


13. To avoid any doubt, submitting an objection that has had an effect, in the cases mentioned in points 11.6 or 11.11, does not take away the User's right to file a complaint in accordance with point 13 of the terms and conditions.



12. Rating and Feedback System – Beta Version


1. The rating and feedback system is in the beta testing phase, meaning not all the functionalities or options described below may work correctly or are accessible to all Users.


2. The rating and feedback system allows a User to subjectively rate another User and their interactions related to making a deal or contract on FUREVER. The rating covers aspects such as the clarity and reliability of the item's description, the form and manner of communication between Users, responsiveness, commitment, time for sending or delivering the purchased item, and fairness. The basis for the rating could be any contact between Users regarding an advertisement on FUREVER, not just the conclusion of a deal.


3. The rating is given in the manner, form, timeframe, and category described on the Platform. The rating button is visible on the advertisement page or profile of every user registered in FUREVER. The rating is visible in the User's profile and is presented on a scale from 1 to 10 (to one decimal place) based on the average value of all ratings given by Users.


4. Additional information in reviews and feedback is visible only to the rated User within their Profile and serves as auxiliary means for Furever Ltd. to verify the actions of the rating Users.


5. If a specific user is given more than one rating by the same User, only the most recent rating will be included in the average rating calculated for the rated User.


6. The rating and feedback must not violate the provisions of applicable law, specifically they cannot contain:

a) Vulgar statements, obscene and pornographic content, or content that incites hatred, racism, xenophobia, and conflicts between nations,

b) Web addresses or links to other websites,

c) Advertising content, other commercial content,

d) Data of Users or other individuals, specifically: name and surname, place of residence, phone number, or e-mail address, bank account number,

e) Content that violates the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights, morals, personal rights, incl. good name, reputation of other Users or third parties,

f) Content that is the result of an agreement or arrangement with other Users or third parties to influence the rating, feedback opinions, or reviews (e.g., artificially increasing or decreasing the rating of a given User)

g) Content that is false, defamatory, or constitutes an act of unfair competition.

7. Furever Ltd. has the right to exclude a particular rating from the User's average rating or to delete a rating entirely or partially, when the rating or feedback:

a) refers to a user different from the rated user,

b) is given by the User for themselves,

c) is given by employees, relatives, and close associates of the rated User,

d) is issued as a result of an arrangement with the User solely for the purpose of influencing the rating and opinions (e.g., artificially inflating or lowering the rating of a given User),

e) is issued by a user profile created based on a temporary email address,

f) has been presented in a way that shows automation of the process or in a manner hindering the analysis of network traffic,

g) violates the Terms and Conditions in another way.

8. Regarding the content of the rating and feedback, at the time of their provision, the User grants Furever Ltd. a non-exclusive, territorially unlimited, and free license under the conditions stated in point 4.3. of the Terms and Conditions and the other points of the T&C.





13. Complaints Procedure


1. If there are any irregularities in the operation of the Platform, including technical services, the user/guest should first contact the Customer Service department at: ......................, providing the data necessary to identify the problem.

2. Furever Ltd. strives to provide services of the highest quality. Despite this, the User has the right to file a free complaint regarding the non-performance or inaccurate performance by FUREVER of the services provided according to the T&C.

3. The complaint can be submitted in one of the following ways:

- via the contact form with the “Customer Service” department

- sending an email to: .......................... or

- in writing to the address of Furever Ltd.

4. The complaint must contain at least: first and last name, email address of the user with which the Profile is registered, identification number of the advertisement, circumstances that give rise to the complaint, as well as the user's request related to the complaint.

5. If the data or information provided in the complaint does not allow for the verification of the complaint, Furever Ltd. will clearly request the user to clarify any doubts or to provide additional information if necessary, for Furever Ltd. to consider the complaint.

6. Furever Ltd. reviews the complaint within 14 days from the date of its receipt or from receiving the additional information mentioned in point 13.5 of the T&C. The response to the complaint by FUREVER is sent via email to the email address with which the Profile is created, unless the User requests the response to be sent by mail to the postal address specified in the complaint.



14. Complaints and Mediation

1. The business user has the right to file a complaint in the following cases:

a. alleged non-performance by Furever Ltd. of its obligations according to the General Terms and Conditions and Regulation (EU) 2019/1150 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2019 on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services;

b. for technological difficulties regarding the operation of the Platform that affect the ability to use the Services offered by the User;

c. for measures taken by Furever Ltd. on the Platform that affect the user;

d. blocking of selected content published or sent by the User or blocking of the User's Profile in accordance with sec.4 of the General Terms and Conditions.

2. The complaint can be filed through the functionality in the "Help" section (the option "Official complaint from business users under Regulation (EU) 2019/1150) or in writing to the address of Furever Ltd. The User should, if possible, provide data or

information that allows Furever Ltd. to verify the complaint, specifically: the advertisement number, explanation of the reasons why the content is considered not illegal or not violating the rules, and optionally, contact information.

3. Regarding the examination of the complaint, the rules specified in points 13.3 - 13.5 of the General Terms and Conditions apply accordingly.

4. A business user may request mediation to resolve a dispute that has arisen between them and Furever Ltd. concerning the services provided by Furever Ltd., including disputes regarding issues that can be the subject of a complaint as mentioned in point 14.1 of these T&C. Furever Ltd. is willing to make the necessary arrangements to reach an agreement on such disputes through mediators, cooperating with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). The list of mediators and the Mediation Rules are available on the website of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution. Mediation is chargeable, with Furever Ltd. covering a reasonable portion of all mediation costs in accordance with the provisions of the regulation mentioned in 14.1(a) above.

5. The business user retains full freedom to propose another mediator with whom they are willing to mediate.

6. The option to use mediation is voluntary. Furever Ltd. reserves the right to refuse to participate in mediation.



15. Competent State Authority. Out-of-court settlement of disputes.

1. The competent supervisory authority for consumer rights protection in Bulgaria is the Consumer Protection Commission with address: 1000 Sofia, "Slaveykov" sq. No. 4A, floors 3, 4, and 6; tel.: 02/933 0565 and 02/988 4218 and consumer hotline: 0700 111 22, website: www.kzp.bg.

2. In disputes arising from online sales contracts where an agreement has not been reached, the User may refer the dispute to the authorities for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) under the conditions and in accordance with the procedure of Art. 181a and in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

Additional information on alternative dispute resolution can be found on the website of the Consumer Protection Commission at www.kzp.bg and on the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform.

3. The user has the option to use out-of-court methods for examining consumer disputes in accordance with the online dispute resolution procedure developed by the European Commission, available at:




16. Final Provisions


1. Furever Ltd. reserves the right to amend the General Terms and Conditions following these rules:

a. Changes to the T&C may be made due to organizational, legal, or technical reasons and may relate to changes in prices, price lists, and conditions of paid services;

b. The user will be informed of any change by posting information on the Platform's page, visible after proper login to the Profile. In addition, business users will be informed via email sent to the email with which they registered on the Platform;

c. Changes become effective within the period specified by Furever Ltd., but not less than 15 days from the notification of the change to the T&C, unless the provisions of applicable law stipulate otherwise;

d. Changes cannot lead to deprivation or limitation of the rights of users related to purchased paid services. Paid services purchased before the changes to the T&C come into effect will be provided according to the rules applicable at the time of purchasing the services.


2. Furever Ltd. may change these T&C without adhering to the above-mentioned 15-day notice period, including with immediate effect, if:

a. it is bound by a legal or regulatory obligation that requires it to change its general conditions in a way that does not allow it to comply with the mentioned 15-day notice period;

b. it needs to make an exceptional change to its general conditions to overcome an unforeseen and immediate danger related to the protection of online intermediary services, consumers, or business users from frauds, malware, spam, data security breaches, or other cybersecurity-related risks.


3. The provisions of these General Terms and Conditions in their current wording apply to paid services active before the date of the new Terms and Conditions coming into effect.


4. The user who does not accept changes to the T&C retains the right to terminate the Profile service agreement at any time.

4.a. Points 3 and 4 also apply to digital services provided by Furever Ltd. Future changes to digital services do not affect paid services purchased before these changes come into effect and cannot lead to additional charges for the user.


5. To develop the Platform, Furever Ltd. has the right to introduce new services and functionalities, which may be preceded by product tests, without affecting the rights acquired by Users beforehand.


6. Unless otherwise provided by mandatory legal provisions, the applicable law for contracts between the User and Furever Ltd. is Bulgarian law. The choice of Bulgarian law does not deprive the User of the protection afforded by provisions that cannot be derogated from by agreement under the law that would have been applicable in the absence of choice.


7. All disputes related to the services provided by Furever Ltd. will be submitted for examination to the competent general courts, without this excluding the application of the rights mentioned in Section 15 of the T&C.


8. The appendices to these General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of them.


9. Contact with Furever Ltd. can be made:


- through the contact form available here;

- via the live chat service;

- at the email address: